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Unbiased Review:<br/>Yeah, the App may...

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Unbiased Review:<br/>Yeah, the App may be very famous among Indians as came early into the market and got word-of-mouth advertisement.<br/>The Zebpay App might've been fast earlier, however as the users increased, the services went down. The customer care number first changed, and now 'number not in use.'<br/>PROS:<br/>-Use it 'cz everyone else is using it. In case they're fraud, they'll be caught as many people have invested.<br/>-The transactions and verification process were quick earlier. Not sure now, for every transaction. Verification takes full 3 days or more.<br/>-Easy interface/ UI/UX<br/>CONS:<br/>-The prices are way higher than the Actual Bitcoin price.<br/>-There is mostly a huge difference between 'buy' & 'sell' prices.<br/>-Verification takes full 3 days or more. Earlier it used to be earlier.<br/>-As they give a Virtual Account (RAZRZEBXXXXXXXXX), not every bank allows an NEFT/RTGS to virtual accounts (through Apps or NetBanking) for e.g. Kotak, HDFC etc.<br/>-Unreachable Customer Service - 1800 121 0474 / 1860 233 0474. <br/> In case, you're lucky to get connected to them, they might give you correct information, but do not expect any courtesy.
10 Dec 2017 by CryptoCompare

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