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The worst exchange for bitcoins....

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The worst exchange for bitcoins. <br/><br/>1. Their prices are very very high. <br/>2. The difference between buying and selling price is huge. They even circulated and email because all the customers started complaining about the high prices.<br/>3. Not all the banks support virtual bank account money transfer. ( they provide a virtual bank account for you to deposit your money)<br/>4. There is no trading options for the customers. the customers are forced to buy or sell their bitcoins at the unfair price decided by zebpay.<br/>5. One of the biggest problem is the selling price. They set the selling price so low that it is nearly impossible for you to gain profit. And even if you gain profit, its very low and you will only get it if you hold the bitcoin for a very very long time.<br/><br/><br/>The biggest problem is the sky rocketing prices. You can get relatively cheaper bitcoins if you buy with visa or paypal ( buying with visa or paypal is expensive as the fees for those services is very high and still zebpay comes out to be more expensive from these options) <br/><br/>CHEATERS and BAD ETHICS<br/><br/>1. The price drop of bitcoin in the world market is never reflected in zebpay. They will still charge you more. <br/><br/>They know India is one of the biggest markets of bitcoins and people will still buy bitcoins. I'm glad that there are more exchanges coming in India. <br/>Now they will be forced to play fair with the customers.<br/><br/>Please refrain from using this application as your money will not give you the right returns at the right time.
27 Dec 2017 by CryptoCompare

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