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NOBODY DEPOSIT HERE: THIS IS A THIEF GROUP.I deposit here 2 times in september. One time I'm verificated myself. I made about 15-20 bet, and after I didn't log in my account, and didn't see my e-mail for 2 months. I used a new e-mail for them, not my business mail.They send me an email in oktober, that I have to make a video verification. After 2-4 days they send a new mail, I have to do the verification within 3 days. I saw it december, and I sent my skype ID.They locked my account, because I didn't answer their e-mail within 1 week. I read the General Terms and Conditions, and nowhere this information, so they do this just for my money ( i deposited 700 euro).They didn't answer my e-mail. I wrote to the live support, she said I am a fraud, because I didnt answer their e-mail within 7 days. I asked her which rules include it, but just say she couldn't tell more. And she said I have to write an e-mail. It is annoying, because after this speaking I don't see the live support opportunity in their website. I asked my friend see their website another IP address.. Surpise,surprise m.therf.cker, he see the online chat opportunity.So this site stole my money, because I didn't answer an e-mail within one week, and they haven't got this kind of rule.. They didn't answer they are unreachable.-------------------------------------After 3 month I see their online chat. I write to them, and surprisely we can make the skype video call. This was yesterday evening. In this morning I write in the chat again, that I havent got their email with the decision. At now I have got it. They think not me used the account. "As a result of the video verification, we received enough information to confirm that the bets made on your account were made by other people, and you provided your documents to other people to hide the real player." They asked me about CS.GO players and teams. And how many team play in xx CS.Go leauge , etc. I dont know it. I just made bets, I didn't watch games. I dind't know the teams players and leauges. So if somebody want to make any bets, you have to learn everything about the teams, because if you don't do this, you are a fraud. What the f..k this s.it?? Of course after they send it to me, the online chat unavailable again...
10 Jan 2020 by Trustpilot

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