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my username is jlord323 they accused me…

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my username is jlord323 they accused me with multiaccounting account name nenengi used this site for a long time theres no problem on this site last year i used to deposit and withdraw but with about 100$-300$ with no hassle, but this year i won a lot in a month like 18k$+ on baccarat it then when im withrawing some of my winnings i receive an email that my account is temporary suspendend and they will review my activityhttps://imgur com/a/umC8SFUthey told me to wait , then i receive another mail after 11dayshttps://imgur com/a/8tRw6rE this risk department accusing me that i have multiple account then just like that i lose all my winnings without an explanation on me and close my account , i never have any other account for god sake ....why would i create other than mine just to make my account to get ban , this people this kind of trick just to ban my account so i cant withdraw they ban me im using them about a year and when i win big they are telling me i have multiple account just to ban me? who will trust you guys if your using this kind of method just to make sure you cant pay on the players hope your family get some karma of what you doing
11 Mar 2020 by Trustpilot

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