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Biggest Scam don't put any money into…

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Biggest Scam don't put any money into this website..A while ago I wanted a break so I asked about closing my account down... However I came back to the website and said could you reopen my account, they said sure and we talked for a while and I said its fine for me to return. I was betting and made a fair bit on esports and wanted to withdrawal they said " With reference to your “Permanently close my account” written email request.The deposits that you have made since your account closure request have been refunded by your recent withdrawals. All your other activity on our site since your permanent account closure request, is deemed null and void.Please no longer attempt to play on this site as your account has been permanently closed."Don't trust this mob they are bunch of crooks go somewhere else or lose alot of money.
Cameron Shipley
23 Mar 2020 by Trustpilot

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