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Wirex stole my money!

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Wirex stole my money!Ticket #1444999I registered for a Wirex account a few months ago and I deposited some Litecoin into the card. Everything was fine for two months, I topped up my Wirex card using my credit card, used it for transactions, bought Bitcoin in the app, and was planning to convert my Litecoin into fiat / BTC when the price is good. Two days ago, I received an email from Wirex asking me to proof where my Litecoin comes from and my account was blocked. I bought the Litecoin from Gatecoin, a now closed cryptocurrency exchange so I can't access the transaction records. However, I was able to provide my cash deposits to Gatecoin and I provided screenshots of my Trezor wallet, proving my ownership to the coin. I even created a digital signature using my Trezor wallet to prove my Litecoin address ownership. If a digital signature is not enough to prove coin ownership, I don't know what is.By now, I think you guys are stealing everyone's money, because I can see a lot of one star reviews below, all claiming the same thing. I am not losing as much money as some of the guys in the other reviews, but a few hundred USDs are still significant for me. Not just my Litecoin is locked, also the Bitcoin I bought from Wirex that's in the account and my remaining fiat balance.How can my account be suspicious, when I only deposited a few Litecoins into Wirex in a single transaction? You must be kidding me.You better unblock my account, as well as other customers’ accounts, or else we will further escalate this issue.
15 Jun 2020 by Trustpilot

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