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Wirex is not a functioning company.

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So, yeah. I was searching for a creditcard provider for cryptocurrency. I stumbled on Wirex but on reddit and other platforms there were many negative user reviews. Wirex seemed to have had a bad start with regulation problems in the periode 2017 to beginning 2018. But this is Q4 2018 and the company has been regulated so I figured Wirex should be a beter company by now, looking at the trustpilot reviews, things didn't seem so bad with **** stars thus rated "great", and many of the 1 star ratings were (back then) for 2017. Just to be sure, I contacted Wirex trough Twitter and Telegram, they assured me that they were legit and so I ordered the creditcard.I put some money on the Wirex wallet which was really fast, easy and didn't cost me a thing. I was amazed, this thing is brilliant. Then, I exchanged the fiat currency to Ripple, again really fast, but wait....? The amount of Ripple in my wallet was worth 15% less compared to my fiat value...? In a couple of seconds I lost about 30 USD worth, where was this money going to? It just vanished... Off course it was impossible for Ripple to drop 15% in one or two minutes, to be sure XRP dropped about 3,5 to 4 % in 24 hours, but it sure as hell didn't fluctuate by 15% in 2 minutes. I guess I'll never know what happened, I contacted customer service trough the app. No response, one day, two days, I contacted Wirex via the website, no response, day 3, still no response. I asked the Wirex person via twitter about what happened but they directed me to the customer support. So, what's going to happen on day 4? I just want to stop the story here for you and ask; does it really matter what happens on day 4? I've gotten trough all the problem of making sure that this was in the first place a legit company and in the second place a company and platform that works as it should. The service does not work because my first transaction failed miserably. On the rebound a good customer service could have saved the day by offering a solution. But there the second failure. Do you really want to go trough all this frustration and are you willing to use such a bad technology for something as valuable as your time and your money? Just imagen that this was a real bank... Impossible. I took out all my funds and still haven't heard from Wirex about my ticket. I'm still very much wondering how one can screw up the technology for it to loose any amount of money from basic functionality. I also don't understand why their trustpilot rating is fairly high. but if you look closely, there are 18% one star ratings for this company, this means almost 2 in 10 customers are having a bad time with their choice.Update 2019: Never have gotten my money back.
22 Nov 2018 by Trustpilot

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