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Wirex are now a SCAM Operation

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I'm not sure what's happening at Wirex, but their service has now disintegrated into SCAM territory.I've been with them for a couple of years without any problems, but recently my Wirex card was being declined even though I had over £1,200 in my account.When I contacted their online chat (always answered by Valeriie) I was told my card and account were closed due to insufficient funds!There were plenty of funds in Crypto but as there was not enough funds in GBP currency for their monthly fee (I think it's £1!), they closed my card and account with no notice whatsoever.I was totally unaware that my account was closed as I could still access it online and through the app.It was clear from the chat that it would take some time to re-open the account, so I tried to transfer MY money from Wirex to my bank account. This threw up a 'We're having Technical issues' error.Back on to support, (Valeriie again!) who said they will email me when I can access my money but it might take some time!This was starting to ring alarm bells and then I found the reviews on here which confirmed that Wirex were keeping hold of customer's money.I went back into the app and found that the link to transfer money from Wirex to a UK bank account had now mysteriously disappeared!However, the IBAN international transfer was still there.I quickly arranged an IBAN transfer and managed to withdraw my money from Wirex, albeit with a £12 deduction for banking charges.Long story short, I no longer trust Wirex with my money and the way they are treating customers signifies that they are either now scamming customers out of their money or are in serious financial trouble.Either way, be very wary of using them (and try the IBAN transfer to get your money out).
29 Apr 2020 by Trustpilot

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