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They blocked my account because They…

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They blocked my account because They say it was in violation of their terms. I scanned a bank letter and they told me that online based documents could not be sent. It is a physical letter. I have a physical copy and was emitted by my bank.I just scanned it and uploaded to them then I told them that It was an scanned version of q physical document and they blocked me because I was in violation of their termsYour request (1365939) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email. Maria Dusha (Wirex)Apr 29, 00:16 EESTDear Eddy, To adhere to regulatory requirements, we are obliged to conduct compliance checks on our client base. Unfortunately, our most recent check has found your account to be in violation of our Terms and Conditions, and we are therefore compelled to permanently block your account.You can also review Wirex’s Terms and Conditions here: https:// wirexapp. com/terms-and-conditionsWe appreciate your understanding and cooperation.Best regards,MariaIf you have any additional questions, please visit our Help Center: https://help. wirexapp .comIn case your issue requires immediate escalation to our management or senior support, do not hesitate contacting us at supportescalations @ wirexapp. com directly.This is an Edit: 10:21 AM EST 29/04/2020Took below. They are saying that I didn't want to comply with the review. I did, scanned the document. They told me that the could not be online based and it was a physical document that i scanned. Explained that to them, then they proceeded to block my account and I wrote this review. Their reply to my review was alleging I didn't want to go through the process to be verified.#########################Hi Eddy,Thank you for your feedback.We are very sorry to hear that you found our verification procedures complicated.Please note that the verification procedures are obligatory for all our users due to the regulatory requirements and there are no exceptions to this procedure.Best regards.
Eddy Ernesto Marte Camilo
28 Apr 2020 by Trustpilot

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