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that will make 3 days that my account…

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that will make 3 days that my account is blocked, I send you mail is people at your levels can not answer me, so I would like that one transmits my message to the highest levels and that one puts me in contact with whom I could converse, because for 3 days you hold my account hostage, transfers took place this night because I could not stop them, so I don't even know if it happened to my Wirex account, maybe it's lost,following your problems and not mine, you are holding me hostage, I am not a fraud, I can justify everything, so I will ask you to send my request to the highest level and to unblock my account as soon as possible, because it is possible quickly because I have nothing to do with this story, thank you in advance.
06 Aug 2020 by Trustpilot

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