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Suddenly closed my account with no Reason

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They suddenly closed my account in December, citing I went against their Terms. When I asked which Terms I broke, they told me "we have a right not to disclose that information according to our Terms". I am sure I did not go against any terms and I always duly sent any verification, KYC and source of funds documents when they had asked for them. I had over 8000EUR in my account and a bunch of WXT (their own crypto currency) to which I am still to be refunded till today. After email upon email, providing them alternative bank details so they can refund my funds that they have witheld by closing my account, they sporadically reply with the same reply that they have escalated this with the relevant team and it is in high priority, but I am still yet to see my stolen money returned!
T. Debattista
02 Jul 2020 by Trustpilot

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