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Random lockout, Impossible requirements, breaking GDPR laws!

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I'm sick and tired of the security and speed of WIREX. It's supposed to be an online digital bank app that can replace brick & mortar banks. The idea to have an app-bank becomes irrelevant, when WIREX suddenly today removed my access to my account, without any explanation Support ticket wants to give them data only accessible from inside the app. Thats a smart move. Now their support have entered a rule that requires me to to physically on paper write down every transaction to send to them in case WIREX randomly shuts down their access. I have sent passport selfie but not enough! I have lost the confidence that this company/Bank is able to run a service that works. I recommend other to use Revolut as a better alternative. I will not start the procedure of complaining to the UK and EU authorities. They have so far also not complied to my GDPR request. Now I will take move to take that previous unanswered request to the right authorities, as they have breached the EU GDPR rules. All the personal data they require from you is massive and I have lost TRUST in how they handle it. I requested my Data 3 months ago, and they have NOT complied within the time limit. Now priority is to get my own money out and place them in a more trusted and Accesible environment! Then to process my GDPR rights! hopefully they will get fined heavily enough to learn from it. This is highly unacceptable.REPLY TO WIREX: You reply me like this: ##- Please type your reply above this line -##Hello Claus,Thank you for contacting Wirex Support.If you cannot access your account due to 2-factor authentication and need it to be reset - we ask you to send us the following information:- a selfie with you holding your ID/passport. Please note that the ID card/passport must be clearly visible (not blurred);- the date and type of your last 2 completed outbound transactions;#My comment: its a digital bank.. I can’t remember. Ridiculous requirement!We understand this may take some effort, but we require this information in order to make sure that we are granting access to the legitimate owner of the account.We appreciate your understanding.NO TICKET No. Povided. My useless Wirex Card have 1938 as last 4 digits ! U know my name !
Claus Nielsen
05 Apr 2019 by Trustpilot

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