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Random closure of my account

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Hello.I just found this review site and wanted to let everyone know my experience with Wirex.Basically, I used Wirex for about 6 months.I used to fund via Bitcoin my card as of I have extremely large assets of Bitcoin that I could not use for my daily life. Wirex came as an evidence to be the best solution for me.And it has been for months. I was buying and living my best life with my Wirex, until they.. sent me an email as follow:"We regret to inform you that it has been decided to terminate our cooperation.Kindly note that due to applicable legislation and legal requirements we cannot disclose the reason for your account closure.Please let us know your external EUR bank account details where you would like to receive the remaining funds.We appreciate your understanding and cooperation on this matter."I was depending of Wirex for my daily life, and they closed it randomly, with no explanation. I tried to mail them to get informations or maybe steps to unlock my card. The answers were pathetic and almost laughable.This seems to have happened to a lot of you guys, I'm sorry to hear it, it seems like closing account at Wirex is a game for them.I'd like to know if Wirex could eventually contact me back there to have more informations with a real support this time.Cordially.
08 Jan 2020 by Trustpilot

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