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Poor poor handling of issues

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Poor poor handling of issues. If you forget your password it should be a VERY simple thing to have a link sent to your email....BUT at Wirex you have to contact the support....which wasnt possible at several tryes...as they were busi ,,???When I finally sent an email to the support it took one day to reply me...that i had to send pictures of me and my passport and my birthday.instead of just sending me a link to the email provided already.... I know its for “extra” safety...but its TIME TAKING for people who actually work....further more....when the link is sent...you have to reply within 3 hours or it ALL has to start over....ZZZzzzzzzIts THIS kind of unprofessional stupidity the is KILLING it for new people to enter the space...it TOO damn complicated and time taking.... if you loose your pasword ANY OTHER PLACE (even banks) they just sent your email a new link !! After that I decided NOT to be a WIREX member and asked the to delete ALL...... for that they just anwsered “We are sorry you leave” and told me to sent a picture of me and my passport again...They didnt even care why I wanted to leave....SO I guess the dont need new customers...and I will therefor use ANY other card that comes which can only be more easy and service minded than WIREX.ITS A JOKE...CAUSE THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE at the moment...but wait guys and girls...there will be MANY others later who know that we want FREEDOM aaand customer service !
Nimmi george
21 Feb 2019 by Trustpilot

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