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Poor customer support

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Don't be fooled by the low fees and the nice looking website.I purchased small amount of BTC the transaction went through no problem and all was well. I then tried to send it to my wallet, a confirmation email was sent and I confirmed but it said "transaction failed". So I tried again... same thing happened. I must of done it about 10 times before I contacted customer support. Got no answer so I went to their forums but I didn't bother with that because it didn't seem like anyone was answering the customers.I read on one comment that said you would get the quickest response on the telegram group chat. So I downloaded telegram joined the group and within seconds of joining I had five different scammers messaging me trying to get me to give out my personal details. I'm sure the actual staff aren't scammers but if their main customer support group is infested with scammers that doesn't give you much confidence.In the end the initial email to customer support must have worked because I received an email asking "How would you rate the support you received?" So I tried sending it again and it worked straight away. All in all a dodgy exchange to be sure!
James Young
28 Jun 2019 by Trustpilot

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