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Limits and Algorithms......my a**se

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Seriously you need to steer clear. I have given them countless opportunities to redeem themselves. They hide behind words like limits, and algorithms, which amounts to nothing short of Bull**it. You get a daily trading limit so when you haven’t used it for days, and then try and execute a trade that incidentally falls well within you’re limit, you think there would not be a problem. Well think again, because I didn’t get the trade and £2000 of my money has disappeared up the black abyss of they’re back side and I will need to wait up to 8 days for a refund. So no trade or the opportunity to trade elsewhere.........The icing on the cake, is customer support, all I can say is don’t bother, they are useless and the official line will be limits and algorithms, so in other words they couldn’t give a damn as a simple comparison here is when you buy something on line, if the item isn’t in stock or for some reason a purchase can’t go through the correct procedure will be to tell you before it tajes you’re f**king money.
Mark Borg
04 Dec 2019 by Trustpilot

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