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It used to be a Good company ( NOT ANY…

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It used to be a Good company ( NOT ANY MORE ) but unfortunately now its run by the bunch of I D I O T S who dont know what they doing .It takes them more then 14 business days to process a refund .CS Keep telling me that we are very busy and all the rest of the BS they have prepared for you .Whats the point of having BIC and IBAN numbers in your account if it cant be used ? Useless - Brainless Cust.support who dont know what they doing or talking about . keeps feeding you with WE ARE VERY BUSY BS .Never again i will trust my money to this Useless sneaky RUSSIANS .P.s Go back to RUSSIA and book yourself a lessons in how to do a business in civilized world .__________________________________________________whats the point for giving you my TICket Number your are as USELESS are the rest of your team . All you are going to sayis BLA BLA BLA we are sorry but we are very very busy right now . By the way i gave my Ticket number to your CS team many times .They told me the same thing ( We will escalate your issue and nothing happens ). Go back to RUSSIA and do something useful instead .U are waist of fresh air .And here is the home address details for the owner you welcome to send him tons of abuse.Mr Dmitry Lazarichev 02/04/1977Flat 25A adriatic apartments20 wester gateway londone16 1bs
malcolm lees
29 Apr 2020 by Trustpilot

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