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The Wirex crypto-friendly wallet.


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They are a huge scam, they blocked my money the account and card not work from more than 1 month ago and they never answer me why, they answer is joke with the people.they stolen from my account more than 80k euros, you can see the situation in twitter https:// twitter.com / addynb/status/1183690220874747904they support center does not respond me to any requests and they do not have phone support.Contact me in twitter all people with the same situation we need to stop this scammer - stolen, I am preparing press release with EFE and EuropePress we need to stop them and we need to bring them to court and report them on FCA all together we will find the way to find them and court, please contact me by twitter to find all cases and report on the court and stop no use wirex, onpex and contis they are stolen - scammer. Contact me next monday I need to give to the press all case I find to put on the internations news and prevent of people from them.
01 Nov 2019 by Trustpilot

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