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Fraud Wirex ......

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Fraud Wirex ?Without doubt one of the worst services i have ever signed up for!!No contact telephone number to speak of... support is online only & its pot luck if support come back to you when you raise a ticket.Paid for christmas present online with debit card.... yet money wasnt recieved by Vendor.... but money has gone from my visa debit wirex account.Wasted nearly a month of my life trying to get a reply that was a useful to see where my money has gone exactly....& nothing has materialised.They said if i paid $28 then they would contact their bank to investigate ffs!!If you like loosing money quicker than you can on the roulette tables in Las Vegas ...Then use this service!!! I am now in the process of reporting the company to Visa, Finacial Ombudsman, uk actionfraud police website and CONTIS who provide the cards to wirex (03301004852).. and i'd suggest if you have had problems with this company, you do the same to try claw your money back from this fraudulent company.Everyone needs to kick up a massive negative social media storm for this diabolical company before other users are duped to put them out of business! (Leaving messages on all youtube media that metions their name and review sites will help.) How on earth this joke of a company got a banking licence is beyond me?You have been warned people!!
Wirex Fraud
21 Dec 2018 by Trustpilot

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