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Easy to use, but low exchange rate.

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WIrex is very convenient when it comes to those with major crypto assets. I have been using it for just a month now, and it serves its purpose well. However, there are definitely some downsides. First, the rate it gives is extremely low. For an example, in the case of Bitcoin, the market value Wirex provides is about 20 euros less than the actual market value. Sure, the company has to make money somehow. However, 20 euros per Bitcoin is an extreme loss. Users would easily minimize the loss by selling it on a P2P market and receiving the money as bank transfer on a normal bank account.Second, it is not as fast as some may like it. After all, it's a contract address and thus requires some additional time for the fund to be deposited. So it's better to think ahead and top up in advance.Third, it still lacks premium features as other banks and online banks do. It would be better if there are some VIP program that eligible users can qualify, which would give better rates or other benefits. The benefits could be airport lounges or phone insurance. Yet there are also definitely some advantages. It is still faster than traditional bank transfer (at least in Germany). The cryptoback program isn't substantial, but it is a nice feature to have that encourages purchase. The card design is nice and cute, and the app interface is very easy to use. I would recommend it for those who have little crypto assets. However, for those who have a large crypto asset, I would reconsider using Wirex as the main account.
Siwon Kyle Kim
04 Feb 2019 by Trustpilot

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