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Business account issues!

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Business account issues. So it's been a week, I've been requesting information know the account specifically the otc desk and am getting nowhere. I've had 3-4 emails all asking what my problem is, after a detailed response from me they respond with another email a few days later asking what my issue is. I've messaged over telegram privately and in the group and jus get given the run around.Would anyone be happy with a business account that does not get issues resolved within 48hrs? How can anyone be expected to trust or rely on a bank like that? I'm sure even personal account queries should not take that long to be resolved. I have been calm and given them enough time but they really don't seem to care about customers after the initial onboarding process. I can understand the frustrations of their clients who have had funds frozen for no reason.I would advise anyone to think twice and then again before opening a Wirex account and business should stay away at all costs. For anyone who's funds are frozen I would suggest contacting the FCA directly or raising an official complaint with the bank, as banks are legally obliged to respond. My issue doesn't need anything like that and is pretty small in comparison to most people but for anyone struggling they can get assistance from govt agencies.
05 Dec 2019 by Trustpilot

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