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Basic service works, but stole millions of dollars in Bitcoin Cash from their users.

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While I can not confirm the negative experiences others had using the Bitcoin-based Wirex debit card, I have two major complaints that Wirex has not even commented on, let alone solved them. - Wirex charges high transaction fees for conversion of Bitcoin to fiat and vice versa. They claim that those are just the Blockchain fees - but checking the actual transactions on blockchain explorer shows those conversions are handled internally and never appear on the blockchain. Sneaky. And kinda fraudulent. - During the Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash fork in August 2017 Wirex failed to inform their customers properly and silently snatched all Bitcoin Cash that their customers would have been entitled to. A heist worth several millions of dollars. Absolute NO GO. Verdict: IF you decide to use their service, keep only minimal balance in your account. Wirex can NOT be trusted.Update regarding Wirex‘ reply:My claims ARE correct. Wirex claimed and withdrew all Bitcoin Cash from their clients‘ addresses immediately after the fork, this can be easily proven by looking up any Wirex account address on the new blockchain,e.g. in blockdozer.I also saved their evasive and misleading statements. Months later they ‚announce‘ ‚support‘ for Bitcoin Cash and other forks. So far it is just an announcement, and does not change the fact that they initially grabbed their clients coins and only now, after immense pressure, bad PR, and after the exchange rates are down 50% and more, might eventually give them back.Update May 2018: still nothing. Empty promises. Liars.
Martin Hoffmann
26 Sep 2017 by Trustpilot

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