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At first I thought Wirex was great

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At first I thought Wirex was great. Oh how wrong can you be....currently they have 'stolen' nearly £2000 of my money. I have been trying to get access to my account for more than a week. Customer Service is atrocious, you can only contact therm by email, they only reply when it suits them and only answer the questions they want to i.e. I have asked to be in contact with Management multiple times and not even been giving a name, I have asked what their complaints procedure is multiple times and just been ignored! No response on How can I get my money back? I can olny hope that eventually I will get a resolution, in the meanwhile I can only advise people NOT TO USE WIREX! they have no integrity and you will probably loose money.
Jonathan Barron
09 Nov 2019 by Trustpilot

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