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An utter crap

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An utter crap. Signed up for Wirex, but was never able to complete my registration, as registration procedure got stuck on "Agree to T&Cs" step. Absolutely useless support all has Russian names, but denies to speak Russian. Ok, no problems, English is not an issue, after several attempts to fix my account they gave up and asked to register a new one. Once I did that, I sent my ID and selfie, and after 5 minutes... account is permanently blocked without a single reason given, except generic nonsense "You fall outside regulations". OMG!!! I am a EU citizen without any issues like bad credit score or any law problems. Si they just got hand on my docs and kicked me out. Nice ID stealing scheme.UPDATE. They kept saying that they have some complex risk evaluation scheme. Their scheme is absolute garbage. Such a crappy small company thinks I am bad guy, while giants like PayPal, Kraken, N26 german banking WITH VIDEO INTERVIEW, Revolut with biometric pass reading software, NETELLER and SKRILL with their deep KYC procedures, and many other serious companies are happy to work with me. But this pile of crap just took my docs and somehow figured out from my ID that I am a bad man. This is hilarious! But the worst part is that they would never say what don't they like. Sure, AML laws don't allow them to, but here I can not see why a legit person can't use them, but loads of money launderers and other bad guys can.
Сергей Ленский
20 Nov 2018 by Trustpilot

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