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Absolutely the worst verification…

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Absolutely the worst verification process ever - if I could award zero stars I would. After using my account for years, I got the message to reverify my account, no problem this should be straight forward; what did I need to do. Just confirm that your address is the same and send proof of address. OK - bank statement FAILED, credit card statement - FAILED, driving licence (front)- FAILED, driving licence (front & back) - FAILED, passport - FAILED, utiliy bill - FAILED.Contact support to reset it. Support reset the account so I can resubmit. I resubmit documents and they are rejected as they already have them - any way to cut a long story short after sending them various combinations of documents to verify my identity and proof of address (which they already had) my account became verified. Great stuff, so I transfer funds into my account - suddenly to go over a 'level' and I now need to verify payment method, so I try that and can't because I have to wait 24 hours for the level to reset. Give up and start looking at alternative companies to give my money to. Come back to Wirex - all good I think until around a week later the same message appeared and started the whole farcical verification process again. As I write this the 'support' team tells me I will be verified shortly but we'll see. I hope that they use the money raised recently to investing in a better KYC process because at the moment I have no confidence in them actually being able to operate as a genuine competitor to traditional banks because I cannot trust them to not lock the account with no notice when their system fails yet again.
Scott Barron
22 Oct 2020 by Trustpilot

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