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A great resourse ....

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Initially I had problems with verification for a wired account! It was suggested that my verification was in breach of AML and KYC regs. Following leaving an initial negative review and further dialogue the team were great and eventually sorted the issue! That was around 18 months ago. I have only just started using the account seriously as I locked myself out of the account! Lethargy then led to a period of inaction as it wasn't my primary banking resourse . However I can verify now that I wish I had started earning my satoshi commission a long time ago. I am now looking to make Wirex my primary account and move more towards crypto supportive banking.I would not hesitate to recommend the use of Wirex to anybody, especially as now a God amount of liquidity can be held on the card, which is now 500% larger than when I initially got the card.Customer support is very good and will resolve issues efficiently. But make sure your password is remembered and verification process secure. Also if using 2FA ensure if you change your device that you check the app works correctly on the new device, as this could lead to lock out and a process of re verification.
Colin B
31 Jan 2020 by Trustpilot

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