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TradeSatoshi is a fraudulent exchanges…

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TradeSatoshi is a fraudulent exchanges working ever 2015. How will an exchange announce it’s closure 10 days before it’s shutdown. Even with this, demanding for another KYC after been approved before. This was a planned exit scam, and I’m good because I’ve been able to get all my money back. Even after meeting all additional KYC requirement, I was denied access to my withdrawal of my funds worth 1.3BTC Awere the option wasn’t highlighted. Well, supports doesn’t do any good so even after the site is down. I reported to a cryptographic experts at fund’s recovery that assisted in the recovery of all my stolen money from the criminals. I’ll leave the mail to file a report for in case you need help getting your money back from these criminals. Mail tof un ds re cove ry do me @ prot onmai l . com [WITH NO SPACE]Scam exchanges. Lies about being hacked.
Andre Rogers
27 Apr 2020 by Trustpilot

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