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Tedious onboarding and verification process

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While the service is legitimate the onboarding process is slow and cumbersome. The auto verification repeatedly failed to recognize the uploaded documents and then the manual review process did not like the quality of the laptop webcam. Sorry folks, if you don't like the camera quality take that up with Asus. I have successfully opened exchange accounts using this very same ID with Kraken, Bitbuy, and Coinsmart (not an advertisement or recommendation, but a statement of facts) so I have no idea why Switcher is the only one who seems unable to really complete the KYC process without stumbling over themselves.*UPDATE*Switchere responding claiming that they think my review is disingenuous, one quick look at this review and my past reviews and it should be quite evident that this isn't the work of some bot or random internet person with nothing but time on their hands. Furthermore this is illustrative of my initial complaint of them stumbeling. But to be fair, I'm sure there could be more than one account with my same name, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt. Having said that I've sent the email correspondences between Switchere and I to Trustpilot directly and have been *verified* accordingly.
Chris Allen
12 Dec 2020 by Trustpilot

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