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Switchere already seems like a sinking ship

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I registered two days ago with Switchere and made my first (small) transaction. After one or two minor problems the transaction went through successfully (though I was suprised that the BTC cost was 20% above the going rate). Yesterday morning I needed to carry out a similar transaction so used Switchere again. The transaction from my Visa card, again, went through smoothly. Again the cost was around 20% above the market rate. However, this time the transaction did not complete. It is now more than 24 hours since I made the transaction and I have used thier online chat a few times in order to assess the nature of the problem (suspiciously - the same person answered the chat each time which would indicate a serious lack of staff). During chat one I was told that the process could take up to 30 minutes. 3 hours went buy .. another online chat. This time I was told that additional security checks had to be made and that this could take up to one day (they could not explain what these additional checks were or why they had to be made). One day passed ... still the transaction is marked as "in progress". Another online chat with the same person .... again, no explanation was given and, again, i was asked to be patient. I explained that the transaction is for a Christmas gift for my dying brother who is in the late stages of stage four cancer. Again, I was asked to be patient and told that the security checks were for my own benefit. This company is new but already seems like a sinking ship. Be very very careful if you chose to try them out. The maximum amount of transaction I instigated was 40 USD and they have not even been able to handle that. Update! The transaction finally completed ... however ... since it took such a long to process, the purchase price of the item I was going to buy has gone up .. and is now more than the amount deposited into my wallet. I have to start over gain!! Grrrrrr
Chris MaCadam
24 Dec 2019 by Trustpilot

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