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Bad service..... You don't know when your order will be released.

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Read below and see what i went through with them. I will definitely not recommend their services. They don't tell you what exactly is wrong with the order. its just security agent from the department lol. If you are hoping to receive your BTC in the next hour, forget it. It was a bad experience for me. Account closed. {Thanks, you’ll get a reply here or by email.ArthurjoinedHello!Thank you for verifying your phone. Your order should be rechecked in the nearest time.thank youYou are welcome!TodayHi can you please confirm when it will be released ? its saying "Your payment caused some doubts.Please contact our customer care team for details"Sure, you will receive an email.when ?In about 30 minutes.okay. thanksYou are welcome!Hi am still waiting and there is nothing yetIt took a little bit more time. However, it should be checked in the nearest hours.may i ask why its taking long ?i am getting worried now because i thought your services were swift and effectiveUnfortunately, sometimes it could be longer. Please, kindly wait.what is taking long ?You order is awaiting for the agent from the security department.okay, i understand but i have to say that i am a bit disappointed as i did not anticipate this as you came very highly recommended. if there is anything you need from me, i am happy to provide it to make the process fasterAs for now, nothing is required. Kindly wait.We are here to help!update pleaseIt is still checking now.i would appreciate it if you can give me a time frame as this was supposed to be urgent. its already 5 hours late. its the morning hours and am still waiting on you guysthis is frustrating really !!It should be checked in the nearest 2 hours.thats what you told me 2 hours agoyou can refund me if this is not working out heyi will use another serviceUnfortunately, it takes longer sometimes. We will do all our best to check it as sson as possible.Yes, we can cancel your order now, if you want.it doesnt take longer. i have seen the reviews.how long will it take to get my refund if i cancell ?About 20 minutes.the money goes back to my card ?Yes, right.with no charges ?Yes, you are right.okay please refund.and be aware that i will be reviewing your services }
18 Dec 2019 by Trustpilot

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