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Worst customer service of the year!

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The support team are rude and self centered. The whole aspect is that the Support team is there to assist us if we have any concerns or issues. My Stake username is XRP (DarkBlood069) is my older account.I was actually permanently muted for apparently advertising on their site. I explained to the support team that they were wrong. I hadn't done such thing as that. When I question that, they advise me to send an Email to Eddie using his Email address. In addition to that, I asked for evidence that they had seen me advertising.They replied with "we do not have to give you such information".So in conclusion I spoke they had no evidence since I never done any advertising at all.All they kept advising me to do was Email Eddie. Now here it comes, I spoke to Eddie about everything - did he reply to my Email? Absolutely not.I then wrote back to support explaining that it had been 2 weeks and he has not Emailed me back. They said he may be busy... 2 weeks is merely a joke, nothing more or less, I used to get along with Eddie, he used to Telegram me or Email me all the time. He simply avoided answering my politeful Email. I've been a Stake member for over 2 years now, I'm sure this is no way to treat a customer?I've never seen such poor performance nor have I seen the worst customer experience. Don't get me wrong, the games are good but the service is terrible. Please avoid it if you know what's best for yourself
David Chitty
09 May 2020 by Trustpilot

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