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Intentional Game Glitches!

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I have caught game system glitches and I showed support the screenshots of the log showing they system skipped bet amount increases. Their system intentionally skipped increase rolls which caused me to bust instantly. Technical support told me to refresh my computer page and when I did every bet amount that was missing appeared in order. I'm glad I took screenshots of the log showing it skipped numerous increase on lose rolls. The system skipped rolls within 10 secs and their system logged it. Support did not care about the evidence I presented and told me it was probably an unstable internet connection. I have 1000mbps google fiber internet connection, I have extremely low ping, no lag at all. I basically beat the house with the strategy I developed and the house did not like it. You are warned now, if you expect to play here, you can expect to win, but once they find out you are winning too much, the game errors will come and the losses will follow.
Marco B.
03 Jul 2020 by Trustpilot

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