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Wrost Casnio i ever seen

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Hello Everyone,I used almost all online gambling websites never had issue with money with any casino. Only reason i changed to is because of instant withdraw. Recently i won Rs.225000 In single stake almost $5000. My account was fully verified, After winning they want to verify again i submitted all the documents it has been 5 days now no reply from them yet. Live chat support is saying they want me wait how long should i wait to verify my account it has been already verified. The only thing is they do not want to give my winning money. I withdrawn like $17500 one time from other site with now issues. is making a big deal just for $5000. Worst casino ever. My id is harikrishna2525 see if they help me with this review.
Hari Krishna
19 Sep 2020 by Trustpilot

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