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Sports io are closing down accounts

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A friend of mine lost her account after receiving this email from sportsbetio. However she has accounts with 10 other sites, and has never had any issues. It seems unfair since she did use the casino for slots. As well as use your sports book making under a £200 profit within two months. My other friend has made 15 grand from Coral on horses and football, and I think they are crazy for not limiting his account. How some can get away with it, and others can not seems so unfair. Anyway this is the email she had from sportsbetio,I regret to inform you that Sportsbetio have decided to close your account. As part of our sign-up and log in process Risk Management checks are carried out against our customers device numbers.The device you used to interact with our website triggered an alert, and upon review it has been deemed the nature of that alert exceeds what is deemed to be an acceptable risk.As such, the management team have decided not to continue the business relationship. Any funds held on deposit will be remitted to your account.Please note, any future accounts registered within TGP Europe will be subject to the voiding of all winnings.If you also have any other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again for further assistance.Kind Regards,Customer Support Team
31 Oct 2020 by Trustpilot

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