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Payment not madePayment not made. Avoid at all cost!

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I have just tried out the gaming on this site and was lucky enough to win 7k+ with a few lucky bet. I then tried to withdraw the money, and was assured by their customer service my account is verified and withdrawal will be completed next day. I was also told my account fully verified.Then to my horror, my account was then frozen the next day, unable to log into my account and no email to inform why my account was frozen. Then I finally manage to go on the chat to the speak to the customer service only to be told because my game is under review. I been told I needed to do nothing and funds will be paid soon. Then 2 days later I contacted them and only be told they need extra documents so I sent it to them. Eventually I got an email saying account review is done and account reopened and withdrawal will be processed the same day. Guess what, no the withdrawal is still pending up to today and it has not been processed at all. They even told me it was mis-communication to say the withdrawal will be processed that very day my account was reopened.And now this is 6th day after withdrawal made and yet still being told withdrawal is still pending and under review and the customer support effectively just say keep waiting and nothing can be done when I was promised the next day, then the next 48 hours, then the same day, then nothing and now is waiting forever without anymore update.This is ridiculous and appalling treatment from SportsBetIo UK. It does look like a desperate attempt to avoid the payout. This not the end and I will exhaust every revenue including legal help until SportsBetIO UK made the payment.If you use the company link above it is directing you to And If you go to it will redirect you to So is the same as as the above link has shown.Update : After some heavy complaint and escalation and days of delay the payment has finally been made.
02 Nov 2020 by Trustpilot

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