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It's not a safe place to play

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I had an account since 2017, played TENS of bitcoins on over the years and "only" had 3 problems:1. They offered a VIP bonus that they did not give me after betting the required amount. Prejudice: 0.5 BTC2. Void a won Baseball bet Prejudice: 2 BTC and 10 ETH 3. My account has been blocked, keeping the money I deposited after they requested all my documents, I use the SAME VPN that I have ALWAYS used these 4 years. Prejudice: 0.24 BTCIt's not a safe place to play, I have played at nitrogensports without these problems. Also their onetouch Provably Fair is fake they calculate result according to your last bet. If you don't change the seed on each roll you will be scammed. I have even videos of this. Username: elnew000Edit: From the moment you make a deposit and that money without playing is taken away from you with excuses linking your account with others by the IP of a VPN, it's a tremendously unsafe place to play. Anyone with money there runs a risk they don't know.It has affected me by the fact itself and how dirty it seems to me, and will not let it go, it's not a question of money, sportsbet have accused me of lies and take my money unfairly and I will act accordingly, will show the world your way of operating. Regarding the videos, will upload them soon I have videos of all the plays because I stream on twitch casino games that's why I played so often and I need to synthesize all in a sigle video. There is a video with all the roulette covered minus the number 29 on onetouch roulette and landed on 29 FIVE consecutive times. 35 numbers covered .... provably fair? It's only possible if the seeds of the provably fair are calculated based on the last bet something tremendously unfair, we are still preparing it, this is nothing personal. I understand that you are an employee who follows a company policy But the company has stolen from me and I can't leave it.
13 Oct 2020 by Trustpilot

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