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Avoid this bookmaker

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Created an account to try out their BTC sportsbook.After receiving my confirmation email my login failed. Support says they cannot tell me the issue only that my account has been closed...After some emails turns out the reason was because of my device location. I have always used a VPN so i knew this was on my end. Support unwilling to resolve the issue and now my details are blacklisted for LIFE for just trying to make an account and accidently leaving my VPN on. Not willing to help me restart the account process after disabling VPN.How easy would it be for them to close my account after i deposited funds? Luckily i didn't and anyone thinking about using this bent company should think twice. I have had issues like this in the past but blanket banning anyone connecting from a location you dont like? This company is supposed to be pioneering bitcoin. Avoid these scammers before you get a win and they decide to cut you off!
13 Oct 2020 by Trustpilot

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