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I've exchanged thousands with no issues…

5 Declined

I've exchanged thousands with no issues - even when I made a small mistake. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to just simply exchange coins without... Read more

SimpleSwap 16 Oct 2019 via Trustpilot

a very good exchange

5 Declined

a very easy to use exchange it is not a nightmare like polinex or very high fees like coin base pro

SimpleSwap 13 Oct 2019 via Trustpilot

You can always count on the service…

5 Declined

You can always count on the service team to be there !!!

SimpleSwap 08 Oct 2019 via Trustpilot

Swapped hundreds without issue 10/10…

5 Declined

Swapped hundreds without issue 10/10 always!

SimpleSwap 01 Oct 2019 via Trustpilot

Second Time's A Charm

5 Accepted

I have just completed an exchange. XLM to BTC. It was as simple as it could be: send funds to designated address, wait for confirmation, and receive t... Read more

SimpleSwap 11 Sep 2019 via Trustpilot

Crypto.Com takes a ton of time to clear…

5 Declined

Crypto.Com takes a ton of time to clear when it comes to sending in coins to exchange. So when it finally did, and I didn't get the coins I wanted, I... Read more

SimpleSwap 09 Sep 2019 via Trustpilot

Worked perfectly

5 Declined

Worked perfectly. I made a mistake with my wallet so I contacted support and they replied really quickly. Would use again.

SimpleSwap 06 Sep 2019 via Trustpilot

Worked great

5 Declined

Worked great. Took about 15 minutes to complete.

SimpleSwap 28 Aug 2019 via Trustpilot

their services was a wow

5 Declined

their services was a wow! experience. so swift, I recommend this to all.

SimpleSwap 28 Aug 2019 via Trustpilot

Service is great.

5 Declined

Service is great.

SimpleSwap 23 Aug 2019 via Trustpilot

SUPER fast

5 Declined

This is amazing. Within 10 minutes (!!) I received the swapped currency. Thank you!

SimpleSwap 22 Aug 2019 via Trustpilot

The best experience

5 Accepted

Well, it was my best experience with exchangers. My swap was within 5 minutes! Super fast! I totally recommend this exchanger.

SimpleSwap 20 Aug 2019 via Trustpilot

it’s really great service

5 Declined

it’s really great service. recently i exchange my btc to eth and i made a mistake writing my wallet address. But the support team quickly helped me wi... Read more

SimpleSwap 17 Aug 2019 via Trustpilot

simpleswap isn't truthful when stating…

1 Declined

simpleswap isn't truthful when stating that it is a 1 to 1 ratio exchanged for tether trc20 and tether erc20. i sent 57 tether trc20 and received 55 t... Read more

SimpleSwap 09 Aug 2019 via Trustpilot

No complaints, quick support when required

5 Accepted

I've swapped various low-value Bitcoin forks (BTG, BCD, etc) around at least 10 times, usually with no problems... except one time, the swap was held... Read more

SimpleSwap 29 Jul 2019 via Trustpilot

Super smooth

5 Accepted

Worked super smooth and the page with status updated itself. Had an issue because I forgot to add some info to a transaction, but the support was on t... Read more

SimpleSwap 24 Jul 2019 via Trustpilot

I exchanged QTM to EXP and simpleswap…

5 Accepted

I exchanged QTM to EXP and simpleswap don't confirmed my transfer after two exchange ID is : cB_d1DwoJZI don't received my EXP, yet.I still w... Read more

SimpleSwap 23 Jul 2019 via Trustpilot

Used several times

5 Declined

Used several times. I had very good experience. Keep up the good work!

SimpleSwap 18 Jul 2019 via Trustpilot

Plain simple and clear

5 Declined

Plain simple and clear. Flawless.

SimpleSwap 17 Jul 2019 via Trustpilot

I have contacted support on two…

5 Declined

I have contacted support on two occasions. Response was quick and problem solved both times. 100%

SimpleSwap 27 Jun 2019 via Trustpilot


5 Accepted

Excellent! Easy, anybody can do it. Safe way to exchange cryptocurrencies. I have used it several times without any issues.

SimpleSwap 26 Jun 2019 via Trustpilot

received coins 15% less than initial…

1 Accepted

received coins 15% less than initial estimate.Exchange ID: EzfNs1-kuwas estimated to receive 184 GBYTEs, but received 157 instead.There gotta be a lim... Read more

SimpleSwap 23 Jun 2019 via Trustpilot

Swapped BSV from Coinbase for BTC

5 Accepted

Swapped BSV from Coinbase for BTC. CB took long time for transfers pending several confirmations. Simpleswap team hastened the swap and deposited BTC... Read more

SimpleSwap 22 Jun 2019 via Trustpilot

SimpleSwap Team complete my transaction immediately

1 Accepted

Exchange ID: 8zrWaQ8c_SimpleSwap Team complete my transaction immediatelyi am waiting up to 24 hours for my ETH ...... Read more

SimpleSwap 17 Jun 2019 via Trustpilot

Scammer Block my coins over 12h.Donot…

1 Declined

Scammer Block my coins over 24h.Donot use this crap service. U will lose your coins.

SimpleSwap 16 Jun 2019 via Trustpilot

I exchanged BCH to PAX and simpleswap…

5 Accepted

I exchanged BCH to PAX and simpleswap don't confirmed my transfer to decrease BCH price after 5 blockchain confirmation and after 2 hours simpleswap c... Read more

SimpleSwap 10 Jun 2019 via Trustpilot

Their customer support is top-notch

5 Accepted

I had a problem with exchanging some BSV, but they returned my funds in an instant. I got a reply to my support request under 5 minutes, and the money... Read more

SimpleSwap 09 Jun 2019 via Trustpilot

Amazing platform

5 Accepted

Amazing platform! It was quick and easy to use. Received my coins as expected. Would definitely use again!

SimpleSwap 07 Jun 2019 via Trustpilot

Very good support.

5 Declined

Very good support.

SimpleSwap 04 Jun 2019 via Trustpilot

Tested them with minimum payment

5 Accepted

Tested them with minimum payment. Made sure i should never get my funds back. Broke every rule. They intercepted my exchange even when there was no fi... Read more

SimpleSwap 31 May 2019 via Trustpilot

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