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Shapeshift is absolutely dreadful

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Shapeshift is absolutely dreadful. I converted bitcoin to waves on the first occasion and it worked fine. On the second occasion they claimed the Bitcoin was sent to a BCH address...don't ask me how that could have happened. But, OK, tried them a third time, also Bitcoin to Waves, made absolutely certain of the transaction. Would you believe that they again had the audacity to tell me I had sent my Bitcoin to a BCH address and I would need to have 50 Euros deducted from the amount sent. Since the amount sent was less than 50 Euros nothing would be refunded. This site is beginning to look like a completed scam. There is no way I could have sent Bitcoin to a BCH address. The two logos are not even near each other on their chart. Be very, very careful of these people.
19 Oct 2017 by Trustpilot

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