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Scam!!!! Someone should sue them...

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I've only been using this app for a couple of hours now but it is by far the worst platform the worst exchange rates it is just all around bad the fox coin doesn't trade into anything or not like it's supposed 2 as it does on any other platform where exchanges are made quite easy the customer services pretty good and you should hope so because you're going to be dealing with them a lot even though you get the fox coin and it says it's free when you transfer that's a lie he charges you through the roof... I was charged multiple times $2.60 on a $5 crypto trade exchange I just did that to see maybe test it out and can you believe that on top of that I've had the pleasure of getting random calls from people stating that they have my information and that if I give them certain pieces of information of mine that I can qualify for promotions so I don't know who the information they're giving our stuff too and all of this I have proof I'm going to upload the screenshots right now just a heads up for all of you out there do not use shape-shift worst possible platform I was excited and I'm just completely disappointed and now I have to see how I can transfer any of this out luckily it was all minor deposits and I didn't get any of my friends involved I didn't get them to try it out like it's just that I do that. Yup is headaches after headaches..... you know it's not allowing me to upload my screenshots I'll post them on my Facebook page....
18 Mar 2020 by Trustpilot

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