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ShapeShift takes a different business model than other exchanges focusing on ease of use, security and anonymity.I have a very good experience with them so far, I have been using the platform for over 3 years now. I am writing this review for those who are complete beginners in the field of cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, I find that most bad reviews come from lack from experience and beginner mistakes.So make things clear!- If you deposit a small amount to the platform, the fee will be high compared to the money paid, because here are the fees is high between blockchains nowadays due to the high usage.Assume that you are transferring money abroad to a completely different system, it will also transfer / exchange for a high fee.- Whoever writes is a scam because he/she copied the address and next time it showed a different address. Here is my message: Change addresses are important for user privacy. The blockchain is viewable by anyone with an Internet connection. To preserve some degree of anonymity, features like change addresses are needed, otherwise everyone would easily know everyone else’s entire financial history, which is something most people don’t want. Key takeaways: First of all, READ, try to understand and gather information from the experienced ones. Educate yourself before you buy! This is really important!!!Never invest in something you have absolutely no idea about!
Hope Bob
14 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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