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I this is not an exchange but a scam

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I this is not an exchange but a scam, I deposited 30 dollars, I wanted to buy bitcoin and had ether worth 30 dollars, but it told me that that was not enough to make the trade, so I bought litcoin instead but the fee to high, two trades and my funds reduced to 23 dollars, now this is what made me know that the site is a scam and I advice anybody who wants to use it to reconsider, after that first deposit, I got logged out and this was weired because I have never been logged out since all the passwords were saved on my phone and laptop and I usually would be automatically be logged out, so I tried to recover my password, but the feature I would be told is soon to be established, but when I read the help center about lost password, there is a good guide to how I can do it, so I got to another feature they have and tried to recover the password, and when I did, I was locked out for 2 minutes, why , I had tried for several times, even though that was the first time over my laptop, so I waited for 2 minutes to try again but it told me that I had tried so many times and so it locked me out again for 25 minutes, its so clear that this is a well curated website to steal from people, immidietly you deposit, they will make sure that you dont get back to the website, I hope there is an Authority that will make sure that they are shut down,
Nicholus Irungu Kariuki
21 Dec 2020 by Trustpilot

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