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Closing accounts without explanation.

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Had been using ShapeShift for quite some time via API integration to allow customer payments in different crypto currencies. We followed their API integration guides and spoke with their support explaining them on how we are going to use ShapeShift. All was fine.Suddenly out of the blue ShapeShift restricts and closes our account. No explanation whatsoever. Support refuses to provide any kind of information. The only answer we get is “Your account was closed. This is final. Can’t elaborate the reason. Find another provider.”, that is all. Any tries to have this re-evaluated, to find out what happened, are just ignored by the support with repeating these phrases. We are a company in business since 2001 working with many different PSPs for card processing, direct debits, many other gateways, holding merchant accounts and being PCI DSS compliant. We never encountered anything like this before. Very sad and disappointing.
Sven Wiese
04 Jun 2019 by Trustpilot

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