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BEWARE!!!!!Boy do I wish I saw this page before the headache I'm going though. Got a new Keepkey and was excited to put my coins in my wallet. Created an account, Updated my Keepkey, wrote down all my pasword and phrase info and boom. I'm up and running. Transferred 2 different coins into the wallet and went out for a round of golf. I came back and went to log into shapeshift and it says I have an invalid password? Ok, so I grab my notebook and made sure I entered it right, nothing. OK I'll just reset my password. Confirmed password reset. Enter new password 2 second later, Invalid password. I cannot count how many times I've tried resetting my password. Nothing. I can log into the help center and the mobile app with the same password but not on the actual website. I've sent multiple messages to customer support (WHAT A JOKE) with no reply (all of them are still open). This company needs to be shut down ASAP. ITS A BIG SCAM. As far as I'm concerned they stole my coins. I'll be reaching out to the Better Business Bureau. Stay clear of this garbage platform
Spike Keystone
12 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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