ICOrating specializes in evaluating companies
with a planned ICO.

ICOrating's analysis is thorough and objective, reviewing
companies as potential investment objects.

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A comprehensive analysis of the project that is going to run the ICO for weaknesses that
may hurt the chances of successful investment raising.

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Basic review

Basic review is used for long-term investment appraisal of the project, including the
description of its strengths and weaknesses. The report contains ICORating independent
expert opinion on whether to invest in the startup or not.

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In-depth rating

The rating review is an independent opinion of the ICORating experts on the investment
attractiveness of the project. The project is analyzed similarly to the audit.
The project is assigned a rating of investment attractiveness based on the results of the
compilation of the Rating review. The Rating review also describes all the strengths and
weaknesses of the project.

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Project audit upon the ICO completion

Audit support for projects that are running the ICO has a number of unique and specifi
differences from traditional businesses.

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Investment opinion

Independent opinion on the startup for investment attractiveness for investors. This analysis
includes the analysis of the following areas:

  • opinion on the financial and business model for its sustainability and ability to generate
  • opinion on the objective validity of the project development plan (roadmap analysis)
  • review of the competitive advantages of the project
  • and more

Following the results of the analysis, the investor is provided with a detailed expert report on
the project with a description of all risks and prospects for the startup development.

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Consulting solution

Full support of projects when entering ICO:

  • development of investment history
  • development of the economy of the token
  • attraction of advisers and investors - development of a marketing company
  • detailing business parts

Consulting services are carried out with the support of partners.


About Us

ICORating is almost a year old. In this year our experts have gained a huge
amount of unique experience analyzing projects planning their ICOs. We
accurately monitor and inspect trends in business models, products and
technologies of startups at their fundraising stage. We follow market dynamics and
investors’ behavior in great detail, allowing us to provide a unique professional

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