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DEX Security Report


ICORating Analysts Compile Security Report On Crypto Exchanges The crypto market attracts a huge number of investors and the biggest exchanges store vast amounts of digital cash - these factors make the market vulnerable to hackers. Over the past years about 31 crypto exchanges have been hacked and more than 1 billion dollars stolen. Some exchanges have learned from their mistakes, others went bankrupt or were hacked several times. Even though the situation is evolving, with many countries starting to introduce regulations, there is never 100% protection for investors. ICORating analysts have compiled a rating based on the assessment of security measures against a set of potential vulnerabilities such as: Console errors; registrar and domain security; web protocol security; smart contract security. There are 13 crypto exchanges assessed in the rating; these were selected according to the aforementioned categories. Only one exchange lacks public smart contracts; none of the exchanges with public smart contracts has high severity issues.

Report date 19 Oct 2018
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