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Smart Contract Audit

We provide a detailed smart contract audit to discover and eliminate potential vulnerabilities and maintain high security for projects and their investors.

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ICORating is an analytical agency that delivers independent, non-affiliated research on the crypto market & ICO projects. We specialize in detailed evaluations of ICO and post-ICO projects. That is why hundreds of clients across the world put their trust in us and in our rating system.


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Why do ICO projects need a Smart Contract Audit?

Search for potential bugs

To discover any potential bugs in a smart contract which may cause financial risks for investors. Up to 87% of our clients make the most common mistakes.

Eliminate potential vulnerabilities

To detect any vulnerabilities in smart contracts, to protect their code from hacking attacks and thefts of funds, or unintentional code executions that can result in the locking up of millions of dollars.

A Smart Contract Audit helps to:

Importance of the smart contract audit.

Identify errors/bugs/faults in your smart contract code
You receive a detailed audit report as proof that your smart contract works as intended, and is protected from fraudulent activity.
Protect investors' interests by examining the contract’s logic.
Protect you from hackers. Remember that although blockchain networks are secure from hacking attempts, smart contracts are not
Avoid the most common mistakes that 87% of our clients make (such as buffer overflow, etc).

The audit’s main steps involve:


Our analytics team performing a detailed analysis of the client’s company repository along with the coding in Solidity and subsequent publication of the Smart Contract Audit.


We prepare a report with details of all potential errors that the project needs to know about within 3-7 days.


We send you detailed comments on how to fix errors and improve the code security and logic.

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