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ICORating is an analytical agency that delivers independent, non-affiliated research on the crypto market & ICO projects. We specialize in detailed evaluations of ICO and post-ICO projects. That is why hundreds of clients across the world put their trust in us and in our rating system.


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Understanding Investment Rating Review

Our assessment

Our assessment is conducted by a team of professionals with a background in finance and investment banking who have vast experience in assessing blockchain projects, cryptocurrencies and ICOs/ITOs.

Why every ICO needs an Investment rating?

As the market matures, higher standards are required of ICO projects.


of the projects rated by us performed a successful ICO.


the total amount of funds received by the projects rated by us.


the average amount of funds raised by our Investment Rating clients.

What is included in Investment Rating Review package?

Investment Rating is a rating assigned to an ICO project after its detailed analysis. It is a very important factor that influences investors' decision.



General information about the project and ICO

Overview of the project

Project services and their usage

Project application

Engineering solutions

Technical nuances

Development strategy and roadmap

Development Strategy and Roadmap Evaluation

Market review

Market Overview


Team and founders evaluation

Marketing strategy

Market strategy

Competitive advantages of the project

Project's competitive advantage

Project risks

Project risks

Project economy

Project economics

Investment highlights of the token

Investment highlights of the token

An Investment Rating Review provides you with virtually everything you need for a successful ICO. Get a detailed analysis of your project's strengths and weaknesses.

What is included in the Investment Review package?

An Investment Rating is assigned to an ICO project as a result of a detailed analysis.

Audit Report

The Audit Report includes the description of all of the red flags and weaknesses of the project, and recommendations on what can be improved. Afterwards, you have time to work on your weaknesses and develop the project to potentially get a higher rating.

Investment Rating Review

We publish the Investment Rating Review in a dedicated section of our website. These reviews are used as a foundation for decisions by 80 crypto funds managing more than 2 billion dollars of assets in total.

Your Investment Rating will be sent to major international crypto funds and exchanges

More than 80 crypto funds and 20 exchanges will receive your Investment Rating review, including

Galaxy Digital Fund
Node Capital
Brazilian Crypto Fund
Crypto Crunch
Fenbushi Capital

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