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My Name is Selvi Xavier and my account…

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My Name is Selvi Xavier and my account trading number with Poloniex is: 92534288. Gimbel was my account manager.Note that the above is stated for ease of reference. My report to the Horizon-security,org, FBI, SEC, and CFA had the following findings. HORIZON SECURITY: the report found that the coins are scattered on different escrow platforms registered with another name and Poloniex does not deal in any financial product. This was the company that finally repatriated my 19.5780 BTC. The repatriation of my coins and settlement of compensation was resolved on Tuesday, 2nd June, 2020.FBI: This report reveals that the perpetrators has no real physical office address and the passport ID issued to me by Gimbel was held to be forged. This means that the USA office as they alleged was a mere fiction. SEC & FCA: Unregulated offshore exchange. They have been blacklisted and are currently being investigated. I was told that by account was hacked but this was all lies. They stole my coins and blocked me.Beware of their fraud. You may refer to horizon-security,org for repatriation, SEC, FCA and the FBI for investigation.
06 Jun 2020 by Trustpilot

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