William Milligan

Accomplished result focused executive, innovative thinker with proven ability to quickly analyse key business drivers and define strategies to grow the bottom line. Proficient working across start-up, turnaround, and rapid-change environments.

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Security Analyst, Web Developer with several years of experience in Cryptocurrency. Specialties: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Cyber Security, Web and App Development, Algorithms, Business Development, Idea Generation, Creativity, Data Analytics, IT Strategy, Sales, Company Strategy, Management Consulting.
Specialities: WordPress, Product Development, UI, AI, Website Development, Graphic Design, Website Maintenance.
Ivan is fond of Blockchain and everything what's linked with this theme.
CEO Blockvisory | Visionary Blockchain Innovator|Influencer | Water2 The World ICO Chief Advisor
An industry expert with 2 years of solid experience in web data research, data mining and Information retrieval from various paid and free directories, search engines and online sources.